Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia- cawangan Subang

Posted on February 4, 2009


To make passport or renew passport  you head to any of the immigration center branch in Malaysia. The nearest and the only place i’ve been so far is the one in Subang, which is situates precisely opposite
(before) the Terminal 3 airport. There’s an annex connecting T3 and the immigration building. If you parking within the grounds of immigration u got to pay parking fee. I don’t know how much it is, because i miss the turning and parked at T3 parking lot instead.

I left the house at 7am but it wasn’t early enough, i had to endure 20 minutes of jam from the end of USJ until the bridge of SS19. Malaysians are not patient lots when it comes on the roads. Driving a manual when there’s a traffic jam going on is cumbersome.


Going in the immigration building left me blur… oh my god so many people and it was only 8 am!! What time did this people reach? So i went over and ask twiddle- dum and twiddle-dee: one is an old grouch the other is plain a snob.

They know everything on how the whole system works yet they are not helpful in answering questions thrown to them. Ish.. ish.. it does not take much effort to answer a few simple questions and assist some people than to sit down there and look olie-rolie-polie!

All together 13 counters and the 14th is a room called ” Bilik Perundingcara”! Alamak… sounds like a negotiation room to me!

:: the amount people there around 9am ::

To those who are making their passport for the first time, Birth Certificate is most needed, even though you have your Identification Card. Passport photos with blue background is needed but if u come unprepared no worries


there are two instant photo taking machines! It cost RM 10 for four pieces of photos.

If you didn’t bring a pen to fill in the forms, no worries! If you didn’t photocopy your important documents like IC or BirthCert, No Worries!  You can get it all here:

:: photocopy, stationaries, photos- get it all here ::

You can buy black ball pen, photocopy stuff, pay and collect instant photos at this counter. Friendly young chap compared to duo rolie-olie-polie.  Each photocopy side cost 20cents and a pen cost RM 1.20. By the way, grouchy of olie-rolie-polie do sell pen too for RM1 but only in blue.

First thing to do when in the immigration center, head to counter 1 to buy your form to fill in (same form to make or renew passport) cost RM1. Once u fill the form, gotten passport photos ready and photocopied the documents head back to the same counter to get your waiting number. Wait for your turn to be called to either one of these counter: 2-11. Counter 12 and 13 is the place to collect ur passport and get your thumb smudge with ink.

Renewing passport is easier now since there is:

:: KIPPAS- Kiosk Pembaharuan Passport ::

Have You heard of it? It makes renewing passport faster and more efficient! All u need to get ready is one passport size photo of blue background, photocopy of ur IC, bring your original IC and money! Oh ya… you need to be 18 years and above to be able to use the Kiosk too. Takes less than 5 minutes to get it done!

:: click on the pic for bigger view ::

:: the machine operates at these hours ::

Immigration center of Subang opens at 7.30am.

:: efficient Kiosk and efficient working officer ::

The machine is picky! It only consumes RM100 and RM 50 notes!


There’s a few things i don’t like about the immigration center is that if the people working are not helpful and informative, they should have information board to do the job.

If you were reading this board, do you think you will know what to do?
:: Papan Kenyataan ::

That is the overcrowded notice board! Most people are in the rush, they have no time to go through each and every paper posted up on the board to know what they got to do. Practically most papers have the heading bolded and written ” PERHATIAN”, which mean ATTENTION. Now which one must we look at??!! @$%^^%^(*!@#

Oh fine, if there is too many notices to be posted but at least put numbering in sequence for people to read and understand. The whole load of information was so jumbled, that some may not know what they are reading at all!
Goodie, when they have a corner which is non-cluttered and in nice order to read, you will realise that they place those ABOVE your head!

:: Custotmer’s Corner ::

BLIMEY!! Not all of us are 5 feet 7 inches that feels okie to to crane our neck slightly to read the notices above eye level! If short people are not able to read these, you think people who taller than that will? As if the printings were so visibly BIG for the shorties to read!
So this notices should be at the eye level so everyone can read it!

Do you know that items on the eye level grocery shelves cost more than the ones below or above the eye level? This is because consumers tend to buy things which they see eye level. Don’t believe? Go check GIANT or CARREFOUR 😉

:: This IS IMPORTANT for STUDENTS studying abroad and SENIOR CITIZENS ::

The gorverment is a buffoon!! WHY? only, students who are below 21 years old are elgible for half price when making or renewing passport! WHAT??!!!! How can they do that? If they are trying to earn more money by doing this, they will lose the loyalty of the youngsters!! I’m Angry! I’m a student who is studying abroad who intends to serve the nation the country and the gorverment could help by giving half price to ALL STUDENTS who are studying abroad! BUT NO!!! They have to set an AGE LIMIT!! Smart of them because the usual age for student who starts going abroad is either 18 or 19 years old!

Senior citizens are in luck to get cheaper rates 🙂 obviosly! MOST oldies don’t travel often abroad!! The students studying abroad wants cheaper rates too!!!

Look… at the orange arrows! Bloody litter bug who got nothing better to do and stuff papers inside the notice board glass! And the person incharge to clean did not do their work! That is another sign how many people actually pay attention to the notice boards!

I’m not sure if you notice, but the national language is using lost of short forms of words to form another word. It’s like following the Indonesian language. For instance in Indonesia: GaKin- Keluarga Miskin, MaToS – Malang Town Square

KIPPAS- Kiosk Pembaharuan Pasport
(G)OKU-  (Golongan) Orang Kurang Upaya

:: TYPO ::

I don’t think anyone realise there was a typo on that notice: ASING is ASKING!
1) the person who typed this notice sincerely did not notice the typo and didn’t bother to look twice at it
2) the person who typed this notice could not be bothered to retype because the knowing fact that no one reads the

I say is no 2. Really no one, reads the information board but me because i was bored and i had an eternity of 4 hours to wait!

Here are two more notices just incase u find it informative:


Actually that day when i went to renew my passport, the most embarrassing thing happen in public was… one of the heel of the cheapo shoes i wore came off!! ZOMG!! there was i cursing! Wishing i had a mentos the freshmaker so i will tear of the other shoe’s heel. My thoughts came through… the other came off when i was walking to the Kiosk. Talk about embarrassment!!  Even the cleaning mak cik ask me,: “Cik is that yours?” I wanted to melt on spot!
Thankfully i brought my sandals in the car. I don’t know what gave me the inkling to bring my sandals along if not i will be pauper walking back after spending RM300 on renewing passport!
I was so pissed at the shoes and i wanted to call my girlfriends up and rant, but none was available on phone. IronChef replied my msg don’t know whether to feel sorry for me or to laugh. Better to laugh 😉

Sigh~ LIFE is comical.

Last but not least,

:: Slogan- Service with smile ::

all i got was grouchy, snobbish and unhelpful people, and they all didn’t come  with a smile!
It will be astonishing if they were like that but they still smiled!!

and there was this
:: suggestion box ::

with no paper provided for customers to write any critics or suggestion.
Now why did you think i blog about this?

:: Starbucks in T3 ::

Although it takes less than 5 minutes to be done at the KIOSK, it took another 4 hours for me to wait to get my passport done and ready! I didn’t want to make another trip here. If only i checked out T3 first, i wouldn’t have been wasting my time in the immigration center, I could have ordered a nice Frapp and chill in T3’s Starbucks! By the way, immigration center cafeteria sucks. Next time, if you’re coming alone like i did, bring a book or laptop and go over to Starbucks to chill while waiting for the darn passport!

p/s: I forgot to mention that, If you’re renewing or making passport for the first time, ALWAYS bring your BIRTH CERTIFICATE along!!! You never know if ur MyKad chip is malfunction and you will need the BC for back up!