Simple Rants

Posted on March 3, 2009


Hello (cruel) world! Oh no, no worries… i’m just being dramatic here, although i admit i can be excessively depressive sounding here. Don’t worry i’m not mess up cause it’s a just the way i would put the negative charges of emotions on the go, well if you’re heavily affected by my writings, too bad then.

Getting the GO!! *VRoom Vroom* To blog is dissipating, could this be one of the symptoms as you increase in number of years? DAMN if so.

Earnestly, i kinda hate this Sem… too awfully quiet! A little more hecticness would be nice! Come on, come on!!
Yes, i do have a lot to complain, normally humans are never satiety with what they have. I’m no different.

Err.. i got to go do mundane things now. If only someone will shine the beakon signalling for VC to come to the rescue like you see in those Batman movies! haha… life’s tad boring on weekdays!

p/s: i miss the 17 yrold punching bag! Rolling on big matresses and driving the SLK… 4months, 4 months… (seriosly, thinking i’m mad for not planning to go back… tickets are freaking CHEAP!)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ After posting that short post just now, there was a lizard slow and unafraid! That scaly, spotty thing was scurrying on my Laptop table! Urrghhh…. Previously i had sprayed it with room refresher and it scare it away… this time making the table tremble does not work neither.

Fed up i took out Baygon, and sprayed it with agitation from one corner of the room to the other… sigh. I feel bad now… I feel Karma is going to hit me real soon! 😦

dead lizard
:: cicak died ::

:: Baygon kills- everything ::

This tin spray must add one more pest on the advertisement: Kills mosquitos, flies, cockroach and LIZARDS!
CAP mutu VerbatimCries 😥