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Posted on March 4, 2009


There’s something of birthdays i’m not fond of celebrating. Don’t ask why? It’s just that in a family it turns out there are so many occasions to celebrate and birthdays of family members and yourself. Oh dear… how to come up with the mood for all of it. I’ve known people who celebrate their birthday like there is no tomorrow.
They say:” your bday comes once a year.”
I say:” I have many birthdays to come. Let’s celebrate the next one.”

Some might think it’s weird or it’s sad but it’s neither one of it. If i did something worthwhile on my birthday that is something to celebrate about. Anyway, being in my early twenties there are only a couple of age(s) i want to celebrate, which is when i turn 24 and 25 years old.

24- because this is the year of the rabbit! My year, i celebrate 🙂
25- Hurrah!!! Cheers to making it to quarter a century old!

Not many people know… I DISLIKE CAKES from MALANG, ok to be more precise, i don’t chiffon/sponge/butter cakes!
Plus those cakes are full of cream and icing! Fattening and sweet to death! Spare me!
Be creative- a platter of sashimi with candles on rocks my day and night!

Presents. How do you choose presents or gifts for others?
It’s easy to  choose for people you know inside out, it’s even easier to choose for people who are not picky

It’s hard to choose a meaningful gift or something worthwhile.

Being a practical person, number 1: Gifts must be practical! (useful) , 2: it must be meaningful to you to give to others,
3: Receiver must like it, 4: however if you see something you like and want to get it for others, it has to be practical too! No point getting something that is not like. It’s nonsense when someone says :” i’m buying and giving the present! The receiver should accept it whether like it or not.”
Think about it, it’s like giving rubbish to someone.

Deathday only comes by once a year too! I think it should be celebrated! I’m not being morbid! But that’s the day to gather around and think of the good old times that one have with the decease plus appreciate what they have done in life that is good that impacted you, others and the world(haha).

Hence: Death Day should be celebrated with joy instead of tears.

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