Long Weekend

Posted on March 7, 2009


Long Weekend

i never thought i’ll admit to myself… I DON”T LIKE LONG WEEKENDS!!! Especially those with empty agendas in it! Sigh! sigh! A friend once told me, since the flight from Indonesia to Msia is so much cheaper than Russia, why don’t you Fly back every weekend?”

Yeah!!! LIKE HEAVEN I WANT!! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (Abba)
If only i was granted such luxury and turned into a spoil brat.

Tonight I’m going to meet up with some chinky cliques, have food at Ikan Bakar Galunggung and if there’s enough time Karaoke. Err.. hopefully i can get back in time… i’ve a feeling i will have to leave the party early, need to sleep back at my place so that I can go to my favourite Sunday activity! Market!!

The market here is not smelly like the some of the Msian market at times. Hahaha… Lots of things to feast my eyes on! Drools at the buys and sells… probably Malang has turn me into an even more boring person, but then nothing to do la, small relish i get from a week of superb emptiness…. At times i selfishly wish Miss Senior is here, because i won’t be so bored and at least there is someone to speak Hock Kien with.

It’s a funny situation

when i’m here, i get calls from Egyptian U. Queen and if i told her i was chilling with friends she will cut short the conversation and hang up. However when i am back home, i get calls from her to return home immediately! If i don’t, the messages from the kins were come pouring into my inbox!

I just don’t get her.

Sunday, there is Family Day organise by the Msian society. Games that will be play in competition are: Batu Seremban, Galah Panjang, Sudoku, Kollam, Stepping ballons and running in pair with 3 legs… hahha sounds so kanak-kanak right? Well i haven’t mention there will be muscical chairs, did i?

Then comes Monday!! I don’t know what i want to do on this day…. then comes Tuesday where there will be a birthday celebration for Albert.

The day before Friday, classes ended earlier… bored me wanted to get out and find out about a trip to Borobudur during Wesak Day (i’ve haunch that the Wesak Celebration there is not as grandios and splendour as i’m fantasizing… if it is i’m going to very dissapointed!). Kuthuk was so nice, she went with me to survey. Anyway something horrible happen, this travel agency had lots of Buayas inside. I’m never going to give people handshake unless i’m the one who initiates it. Got my hand ‘rabe’ in a handshake! EEwww! No going back there to that agency. We manage to find another one and that agency was so much better. We were well inform and we got to talk in detail of the trip planning there. I’ve not given my answer cause still pending from the two boys and some other ppl.