Royal Cafe

Posted on March 9, 2009


hey verbatimcries,
well i have read your blog,

you said that you ever went to cafe royal?is the owner female? i’m not sure, i just wanna prove that the owner like a boy? but she’s female? oh no,, she’s my rival i think hehehhehe

can you email me?
thanks a lot

ROYAL CAFE,  Jln. Merbabu, 21

Royal Priesthood Cafe

The first time i visited *click on * Royal Priesthood Cafe was on the new year’s eve 08, it was a pouring one. My friends and i were sloshing all the way there… they were probably half swearing for making them walk somewhat far. Iron Chef and I stumbled on this rather cool ‘makan’ spot by accident. Guess it was the night of Xmas when J.C lead us there after lingering at Ijen Catholic Church  (hehe). ” Wei, new eating-makan spot in Malang!”, that’s what we said, and decided to tak a look and report back to our friends later on. We were greeted by this woman, whom i assume was the owner because she sat behind the paying counter and she was so nice! =) Nice people are hard to forget.

:: Ijen Church during Xmas 07 ::

Back then, the food menu were not many and most dishes were beef base, not many choices for my Hindu friends and some of my Buddhist friends who does not take beef due to religios reasons. To the Hindus the cows are their sacred animal, to some Buuddhist who prays to the Goddess of Mercy they too don’t consume beef.  However,  i got to say the name of their dishes are very intriguing!
Hei! Did i mention the atmosphere of the place was good??!!! The soft lighting used definitely help create the nice atmosphere. Their dining style is Al-fresco and they have a room for those who wants to host a mini party!! They have a mini bookstore that sells christian songs, books and some de-stress hand balls =) lots of cute accessories there too 😉
Nearly one year later…

So back in November 24th 2008 i think… someone asked me where should they host a private party? Jeng… Jeng… Jeng… I reccomended RPC! (Probably sounds like i’m bragging here just in case Aka reads this! I’m not, merely telling the truth.)
A mismatch party was held! We had a great time in that private room and the service was great!



We were allowed to decorate the room and blast some music of our own 😉


it sort of looks like we were in a conference room or meeting room.. hehhe but it was the Birthday girl’s turn to give a speech!

TauHwa and Ayam Plecing
:: TauHwa and Ayam Plecing ::

After nearly one year in RPC, their menu doubled! They not only serve Western food but Local menus and of course Japanese food too! I ordered the food in the pic above! Ayam plecing is spicy (i like), a little different from where I ‘ve tried in the Balinese resto and i ordered that white tofu looking thing, which is well known to the Hock Kien clan (Singaporeans and Indonesians) as TauHwa and famously known to the Cantonese clan (Malaysia and Hong Kong) as Tau Foo Fah! Err.. it had too much ginger flavouring inside! Slightly different from the ones i have back home, which has no ginger flavour at all, just your choice of brown sugar or white sugar syrup.

Who is RPC’s owner? To be more precise, the woman whom i met in RPC may or may not be the owner, perhaps she was helping out to run the place.  Oh my GOSH!!! Anyway it’s a nice place to chill =)