It’s all about that Smile

Posted on March 17, 2009


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It’s all about that smile
that sparkling tooth smile
That makes the heart beats faster at times

It’s all about that smile
that gorgeous set of teeth
captures my attention

It’s all about the teeth the sparkling white teeth
That attracts a person gaze
Then the sharp pointed nose
and lastly the eyes.

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Seriously i don’t get the ‘Gigi and Mulut’ subject. I find it immensely boring. Could it be the language or the droning voice of the doctor or perhaps the itsy-bitsy details of the enamel, crown, root, molar, premolar…? and miscellaneous medical latin names which i’ve yet to input in the brain.

Dear me! Yes, mega-bucks can be earn from this field. I found out that peers of mine that goes to the dentist often or orthodontist (to be precise) gets a little bit too excited than usual and ask lots of questions! Mind you they are all females that are beauty conscious of their smiles.

Teeth Pictures, Images and Photos

I salute those who endures the minute details of tooth/teeth and appreciate their passion for making others have beautiful smiles. It’s a big beauty market out there, especially in Thailand since it is well known as the land of smiles.

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:: Ronald: “Sawadee Kaa”! ::

Even Ronald is smiling from ear to ear!

As for me… i want to know more about jaw reconstruction. It is very fascinating to dis attach the abnormal original jaw and replace with an artificial one.

It’s all about the JAW
the mandibular.