The Hunt of the Hibiscus Rossa Sinensis

Posted on March 21, 2009


:: unknown flower ::

:: Hibiscus Songsang ::

:: edible Berries ::

:: chameleon ::


:: Hibiscus Rossa Sinensis ::

Lovely aren’t they? These were flower buds that we picked that blossom over night when the sun rised!

Changing my thesis extract from Gymnema slyvestre to Hibiscus Rossa Sinensis.

Although common it may be the hunt wasn’t easy. Four days continously Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan were out on a long expedition for flowers.

It was not an easy feat to :


:: Harass ::

1) Escape from harassment of the motorist nor

:: break in- abandone house ::

2) Break into so many houses in the quest of the flowers.

You only need one tall accomplice to do the unreachable work, since the three musketeers were only 5 feet 2 inches, d’Artagnan had to do most of the stretching task.

:: pot of gold- flowers of labour ::

These were the collections from our 3 quest and it was abundance…. compared to the past two days we only collected 69 flowers.

Supposedly the three hours of long walk is worth it if it weren’t for some NINCOMPOOP who did a terrible thing…
:: laying down the flowers to dry ::

:: Hanging Gardens of Babylon ::

Does look like it doesn’t it? 🙂

Rinsed, Dried, Sewn, and Hang.

Strong wind was blowing throughout the night, yet the garlands of flowers hung out at the balcony didn’t drop.

The NINCOMPOOP i mentioned earlier, the next day when we had class he threw it into the public GARBAGE BIN!!!  Some of us were near brink of tears.
I tell you i had and immediate blood rushed up to my brain that i suffered tremendous discomfort the whole night no to mention the malaise (muscle ache) i acquire from the long hours of walking. When we confronted him, that ASS was smiling his sardonic smile and gleefully telling us he thrown it away thinking it was garbage since it drop down from the balcony. He even though this were our ‘toys’! You know ‘main-main’!!!

Guess what…
There was this long branch that we left at the balcony the night before, it was still at the balcony after all this incident. How come that is not garbage?!!

You will have thought a full grown man of his forties will have the cognitive mind to think that medical students do not have time to waste by collecting so many flowers and sew it together like garlands just because it is for fun! Clearly he needs to get into an asylum or this is just plain vengeance of his part since he doesn’t like us (Malaysians at all). This is not the first time he created ill-will towards us.

I plainly wanted to kickthefella, puncture his wheels, throw out his best shoes, clean his floor with cat-poo, place stones in to his exos pipe!! Arrgghh….

Double the job- we collected our precious from the garbage bin and removed all the debris and strands of hair, wash it again and dry it! Long Process! Our worries is that the extract is long gone with all this washing-drying and washing-drying.

Hopes and satisfaction turn vexation and chagrin 😦

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