Brief updates

Posted on March 22, 2009


I think for the first time throughout my whole stay in Indonesia… i officially announce that i truly am fed up with the food here! I dread having to think what is the next meal i’m going to have to eat.

I am not angry with bpk kost anymore but i still want to get even.

I love dressing up when i’m up for it! …. and miss doing it. That is once upon a time in SJ.

It’s nice meeting people who shares the same ideas as you though it can get boring after awhile when there are too many similarities to not argue about and to keep life interesting.

I took an age quiz when i was 18 or 19 yr old, and the results was i think like a 23 yr old. When i’m 23 yr old i hope it does not change the maturation of my thoughts yet because i’m feeling sadly old once awhile and it gets to me once a while.

I want a bike… always wanted one! But i still want a license first.

I’m smittened by plastic surgeons.

I’m really hoping to go to Borobudur on Wesak.

I heard a fantastic story on Baba. The story of the encounters of my friend with Baba changed his life, as i’m a cynic, the saying goes: ” seeing and experiencing is believing”.

My days of blogging will be lesser now since i’m not so in a super stress situation. Exams are in 3 weeks time and i’ve lots of replacement class to make up for. Lecturer’s fault.

Seven’s do things a little different from the rest, i never knew about it until a friend pointed out. Which is rather true, now i know why i’m a little different.

This pass one month, i am having the best Sundays or weekends, i hope this keeps up!

A grand birthday party is being organized! Wheeee…. Bollywood style! Now something interesting is up! 😉

The 512Mb cheapo 2nd hand Virgin White MP3 player died of old age, such a waste to have bought so many triple A batteries! Thankfully i took the MP4 from home since it’s redundant there, but the batteries are of obsolete still.

I love psychiatry classes.

I am very much amuse of the stories i heard of the quirky doctors i heard in the Hosp.

Apparently, the Rumah Sakit Saiful Anwar has more doctors than patients now that they don’t know what to do with the upcoming medicial students that will soon enter their clinical labs. So they are building a new hospital which is situated two hours away from Malang ( i forgotten the name of the place) that is best to find a place to stay there if med students were to be on call.

When i was a kiddo my favourite fast food was Pizza Hut! When someone ask me where should we go for dinner, i will say pizza and get ignored most of the time. Why bother asking a small kid if it won’t come true.. *sigh* Well, it was my love for the cheese that is why i love pizza, Damn that advertisement on showing me that long stringy strands of cheese when cutting the pizza and that cheese oozing out from the crust!
Now, pizza is the most rip-off fast food ever! It mainly consist of flour, bread, CARBS!!! I’m paying for carbs and the name of the pizza. Now i know why i was ignore when i was younger… i didn’t know about the value of food and money. I don’t fancy bread hence the major rip-offness, i like buns though.