Thesis, Poori, Birthdays, Conjunctivitis

Posted on March 29, 2009


Short talk: Do you know that Sushi means Snack? Oh dear, it got me thinking i’ve been eating like a pig when i
go for Japananese food-Sushi. Here is some sushi etiquette for you to know 😉

I’m suppose to rework on my thesis… damn i having the jammed. My previous work looks foreign to me, i wonder how i came to be so smart about it and created something like that. Ceh…

The day before was the born day of two young lads. Oooff… So many birthdays have come and go that i’m at the point of don’t know what to do for them. Anyway, Friday was the New Year for the Telugu! Skinny wanted to celebrate! And celebrate we did! Made poori and potato dhal/sambar (i cannot differentiate because it looks the same to me… these people are going to be so disappointed with me cause 3 years with them i still can’t tell the food apart). I learn art of making Poori! From kneading the dough- rolling it- flatenning it- frying it! hahahha… So easy!

Made from Wheat flour @ Tepung Terigu! Karipap crust is also made from that flour.

Poori is my Favourite menu to order in Lotus place when i was a child- Poori and Masala goes very well! Okie, i prefer Rawa Thosai form Melor’s. However, it is the most unhealthy dish ever! I will think twice before eating now, my parents won’t have to nag me not to it.

Today i heard an unforgettable voice! Seriously, if that voice were to sing songs from the 30’s or 49’s i will download la!! Had massive karaoke session! My voice is hoarse now… i wonder how those singers can take it! Birthday Songstress-Diva was so pleasing to the ear- i love her vocals wei! I didn’t expect it because she i never hear her raise her voice before. She impart us a few pool tricks of her own! Playing with her is FUN! I’m usually such a nervous wreck in the game when i was with others. I hope she had fun!

I am having the worse case of conjunctivitis ever! Can’t believe after all this while sleeping with contacts on, now i’m having this problem. Purulent charges during the night, sore-tearing eyes that are sensitive to light during the day. So much of unintentional tearing! Although Baby-J said that there is no laceration and my cornea looks fine, but i’m having acuity problem on my left vision, that even my specs can’t fix it. I hope this will not last long.