Posted on April 3, 2009


We  were young, insolent, green eye, capricious, silly nilly, scheming, fools, forgive but not forget, have been wrong and right, had wronged others and all that Jazz.

Part and parcel of testing the waters of life, boundaries, learning what and who you are.

Somewhere down the road of time, each made amends to their mistakes and bury the hatchet somewhere and let the by gone be by gone.

What happens when someone keeps the hatchet? That person will take up the hatchet where ever they go.

Who has done no wrong?
As the Malay proverb goes ” Bumi mana tidak ditimpa hujan?”

And so life goes on and as time fleetingly passes by us, a few of us are more open in perspective of people and living, but some are stuck in the spot of the yester-years.

To thee that i’ve known shortly, ain’t it fanciful of thou to first approach and add me on social sites yet i’ve no stand? It’s obviously superficial to collect friends and yet reserve resentments towards them. There’s a word for it and it’s call hypocrisy (too).


(17 OCT 2010 updated)

So i found out, i got cut out from your social site. Thank you. Now we both can move on properly and act as official strangers 🙂

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