Focus Flew out the door

Posted on April 5, 2009


Focus flew out the window
and left me restless.

Focus flew out the door
and took motivation with it.

Focus flew out the door
and left me agitate.

Focus flew out the door
and made me upset.

Now, Focus do come back!
I need to keep up with time, which i’m running out.
Don’t be a nuisance and stay by my side.

This cloudy afternoon i spotted my batch mate and her young fellow. both face down resting on their forearm after lunch. Was indeed a peculiar sight, because she had her hand in the rice pot!

That fried chicken must be some heavy meal!

hahaha… if only i snap a picture huh?

I pass an invitation to watch sweaty-pump-up-adrenaline-Testosterone dribbling street ball on a beautiful Sunday.
I also pass an invitation to go witness a Balinese function.
I pass all those so that I WILL PASS MY COMING EXAMINATION!!!
This better be turn good! MUST!!……

I’m getting tense and more tense each passing day, to revert myself back to norm i end up sleeping alot. Simple deviation from getting stress.
Studies are awfully heftier though seem little!

After an interminable negotiation and looking for the cheaper bargain, I have finally got down to it and made the down payment for the pilgramage trip on Wesak.

Now, to go through with exams and HEY HO to short trip! It’s going to be unbelievably pack and hot, i pray it will be extremely worth it!

It’s been nearly a year since i tune on to the local radio station. Holly Molly! Is it me? or the music scene of Indonesia has turn distasteful? I need a new play list of songs because i’m growing bored of Lady Gaga and The White Tie Affairs plus some miscellaneous singers left by Jea.

The sombre mood of exam woe is affecting everyone in the building.