Kawaii Student Exchange

Posted on April 6, 2009


Earlier of March, I join the merriment of four to make this merrier! (lol)

Forgive my failing memory, i can’t recall the names of those Japanese girls… hehehe. Opps!
They were on a one month Language student exchange program.

:: Dieng Club house ::

The Japanese girl in Blue has been traveling around. She went to London for a year just to learn English!!! Imagine that, and she is Indonesia to learn the language, though she took classes back in her homeland.

The other Nippon girl in white, she is the more curious one and owns this marvelously informative bilingual menu book of Indonesia. When were in Warung Bali, she whip out her book to look up what is Jus Tape.
Tape or Tapai is a fermented cassava (type of potato), that is blended with condense milk and water. One of my Favourite drink, and among my friends i’m the only one who have a liking to it.

So they were brought to Warung Bali to try out some sinful food.

Nasi Babi Guling Pisah
:: Babi Guling ::

Warung Bali serves famous traditional Balinese food. It’s not Halal. For halal, balinese food it will be in Nuansa Bali.
Anyway, this place serves awesome spicy food! Such as, ayam plecing, kangkung plecing and ayam bertutu.

Surprisingly, Japanese do acquire a little wasabi when eating sushi, unlike Malaysians that i known, they will take a generous amount of wasabi to eat with their sushi or sashimi.
Wasabi is not suppose to be mix with the soya sauce or sweet sause, it’s suppose to be on or in the sushi.

karaoke with new friends
:: NaV karaoke ::

That was my 2nd time in Nav and compared to the last time, they have less variety of songs from different language.
They use to have Hindi, Tamil, Japanese and Korean songs.
So these two girls didn’t get to sing much, but listen to us crowing for an hour and dance to Project Pop- Goyang Duyu~! hhehehe.


We headed to Dieng Clubhouse for bowling, unfortunately, that day there was a bowling competition so the place was fully booked. We only did some sight-seeing at the clubhouse.

A week later they went away. I must take up the opportunity with them to go Japan one day 😉 since they offered.