Effing dumb

Posted on April 8, 2009


Some say: “we are what we eat”.

For some human race, they consume everything under the sun, and some have food taboos due to culture, upbringing and mostly the reason is religion.
The Europeans, Westerners will eat exquisite meat and that i mean veal, escargot, caviar… The Japanese have their Fugu, poisonous fish which only some parts can be eaten, the rest are thrown away. A license is needed by the skilled chef to prepare this killer meal! In some part of the world where lushes of green still dominates the sky, there are aborigines who hunts wild animals for food and there are those who are cannibalistic.

The most astonishing race would be the Chinese. They- eat anything that has its back facing the sun! Every animal is edible, and so is every part of the animal is. If you ask why? This has been going on since long, long, long time ago in China, not everyone is rich and able to have meat in their everyday diet. Especially the peasants who cannot afford to buy meat since throughout the year they will be a few poor harvest due to mother nature and they are poorly paid by the middle man. Getting meat is like gold. Every part of the animal is cook as food, that is including the innerts. They learn how to preserve meat, how to cook different part of the meat to bring out it’s flavour.

Now that’s not the point of my post.
Coming from a multiracial country and having multiracial friends and being with these colourful people, you ought to have learn the culture, taboos and religion. If one has not learnt about the most basic facts of one another, they can go throw themselves over the bridge. However if one knows, the differentness and uniqueness of each other but have no faith of basic trust, they can go slap themselves left, right, up, down and repeat it 10 times!!

It is just ignorance or plainly a social defect that one does not take note of the sensitivity of other races. I dare say, I do take note of the norms, the values, the culture and the taboos of my non-chinese friends. When you live abroad, you take more interest in other’s since we are practically seeing each other everyday and interacting as well.

But sometimes when it comes down to food… and the question of

Halal or non-halal.

That matter is something taken to heart by most of muslim friends. That i agree, we must all take care of what we practise and believe.

To my chagrin, i was questioned on the restaurant i picked.

Which i find it absurd, for some think i would lovingly love to poison them or taint them in the name of their religion. Come on!
Which i find it absurd that some thinks i do not know whether Pork is served in the restaurant, i might as well be imbecile if i know not.
Which i find it absurd because they were a bunch of people that went all worry for nothing just because of a general statement made.
What i find most absurd is the lack of sensitivity… such lack of trust.

It was like a distasteful cold dish that went down my throat.

How effing dumb can it be?