Archie, Archie, Archuleta everywhere

Posted on April 12, 2009


I’m either covered in envy or i’m half lamenting why am i not back in my own shores… Is Malaysia getting more hip and happening or what??!!

Many famous artist came and go to Malaysia. Long long long time ago there was MJ and his outrageous ticket pricing that Chow Yun Fatt being a big fan of his rather buy pirated concert VCDs and play on his big speakers (err hurmm… that time there was no such thing as home theater sound system)
In his defense he said :” It’s like going to a concert too! Better View, No Crowds, Good Sound System and Best of All it’s CHEAP!!”
Cheers to the old dude who manage to send his children to Uni and bring them on Phuket Holidays! (haha)

Then in the 90’s Boyzone came, err… Moffats… err… etc… In the 20’s there was Gwen Stefani, Pussy Cat Dolls ( there was some commotion on dresscode being too sexy and they got fined!) Oooh… Rain Bi came too! ❤
Last month, Rihana was suppose to come but canceled last minute due to boyfie abuse or something else came up, then Jason Mraz came, Sunburst (with many more hip artist that came in that tour) and not to my knowing- DAVID ARCHULETA was in the KL on April 10th!!

David Archuleta Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m telling you such craze on the internet search engine on Achuleta’s news… heard a 6 minute 40 seconds interview on

Alamak… he is as goofy as ever! Laughs like Goofy, so light hearted! He gushed about how he likes Malaysian weather =.=”
“not too cold, not too dry, i don’t mind the humid because it’s good for a singer’s voice…” wth…

So the whole web engine is plastered with news of
David Archuleta mobbed in KLIA… Archuleta meets ArchAngel Fans in Malaysia… Most students are problably hating themselves now for not being a KDU-ian because Archie went there… David Archuleta wearing Baju Melayu and wants to keep it….

Then i saw this particular site.. and realize… his favourite colour is GREEN!!!
I’m not sure in his profile, his favourite colour is that ( cos i didn’t check) because that website has many pics of him clad in the every shade of green. Either he looks good in that colour or it’s his fav…

Nah… the Spills and the Thrills on more Gossips of him:
Archuleta Avenue Malaysia
David Archuleta International and Archuleta’s Fan Scene

This is just Surreal!

David Archuleta Pictures, Images and Photos

Sigh… got to say his singles: “Crush” and “A Little Too Not Over You” are better than David Cook’s “Lights Out”!! What a disappointment from Cook! I was hoping to hear more amazing tracks from the rocker, but i guess i have to settle to listening to Cook’s rendition of other artist’s songs.

When is Cook coming? *anticipates*