I like that Boom Boom Pow!

Posted on April 25, 2009


I just want to go


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like how little Macaulay Culkin did when he starred in Home Alone

My mood status is like the post statement song from BEP and it’s all because….

Exams out!! Out Out from my schedule!! I’m now an ecstatic lil’ smurf waiting to come out and play!! Hahaha which i did 🙂

I had my oral and teeth examination *inserts here: 261 see i learn about Gigi too!*
The exam was way early la! Lecturers came in smiling so widely that they were blink-blinking in the exam halls at 7.30am

I had a wonderful tete-a-tete with Alios.
talk, gossip, smile, laugh, gossip, drools, talk

Had a great time watching Too Fast Too Furious! (OMG!! AWESOMENESS)!!!
Men in the show are some fine eye candy! Paul Walker has gone GAUNT! He looks way better in the first movie. Vin Diesel never fails to cracks me with his too-macho-look when delivering the punchline. Practically four of us had our laughs echoing through out the cinema!

Then met up with friends that some which i’ve not seen for a month plus although we are in the same campus!! IMAGINE THAT!
Our timetables are so different, there isn’t a slightest chance to catch one another for a chat, only an exchange of ‘Hi and Bye’ will do. Went for the meeting, had dinner and Chatted (blab, blab, blah, blah).

Came back much too enthusiastic for anything, that sleeping is now a problem. My sleep cycle is haywire! I’m usually up around this time running over lines for exam read up.

Eight o’clock here i come!!! I hope this medical-social work survey thingy goes well!

**btw…. going through some of Macaulay’s older pictures, for a second he and Ryan Gosling do look alike abit.

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