Posted on May 3, 2009


I’ve been doing lots of going up and down on getting back to socialising (hehe) and doing work. I can’t believe i have more work outside of academics boundaries. Sigh~ There are moments i wish it was exam period!

My schedule is back to classes, Thesis exploration, plucking hibiscus, and two more new additions: participating in the preparation for Social service and the Malaysian Society trip to Bale Kambang! I’ll be clad in the same clothes from day til night.

Rats came injected with Alloxan to induce Diabetes in it the dosage was 4omg on five below 200g rats, all died within 3 days! Dosage was too high. Then Wednesday, we tried too different dosages and inject four rats and checked it out yesterday. One died not too long that day, the other 3 survive but only one was succesfully induced Diabetes. OH man, it feels like i am paying money for rats to die! Well this is an exploration process which is needed to spent on Rp35k/rat.

Manage to visit those new houses that my friends shifted to! Aaahh… the company was good! I had good time catching up with many people.

Speaking of gallivanting, i did, we did!

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::Just Dance::

Boogie Woogie the Saturday night away!

Oohh, it was a big group and we had the whole upstairs to ourselves! Groove our beat out! I had fun in the end with the best party people though i was a lil’ reluctant for a bit because i was thinking of some unfinish work i got to do.
just dance
We dress to our nines and Nad the mamasita was most gracious that night!

At the end of the fiesta, we bummed at the nearest McKers for some chow time! Spending the remainder hours there in good humour and high spirits!

Sunday just came too soon. Caught a few hours of sleep and was getting ready to Miss K and the gang’s house for lunch!! haha! So nice to have people cooking especially for you ! Unlike some that takes you as a garbage bin. Wokay, sense the resentment there? Well that’s another thing i don’t want to elaborate


:: Home-Cook Indian Food ::

Yummy Licious! Papadum is my first love of keropok.
They whipped up this meal for us!

girls chit chatting
We went room hopping! Exchanging ghost stories and sharing funny moments!
Later that evening, they made tea, fried fish keropok and serve cookies as well! Too well fed i tell ya.
attic of pondok alam
:: the attic::

This is their attic where the bicycle sound was heard at the witching hour a few days ago!
Attic is kinda like a secret hiding spot, since the entrance to it is one small window size. It will be the perfect secret hideout for them to escape assassins.