Furuncle and Carbuncle

Posted on May 6, 2009


I got a nose block.

Thanks from the leaking pipe of the tear duct gland. Stupid commotion.

No wonder i rarely open my mouth to ask from help.
I wonder why i never learn not to ask from help from busy-erruptable-volcanoes that spews hot-molten larva everywhere in the nearest precinct! Pity the people staying there.
Really need to make a mental note on this one.

That was so Off topic, needed to let that one out since i’m such in a damn state right now.

Let’s talk briefly on Skin, especially for you.
Furuncle and Carbuncle.

It’s not hairy uncle or Fur-uncle la… Ahdoi! hehehe. Funny though.

If you had your meal you may want to take note that the pictures can be pretty disgusting that makes you want vomit or ward of from food that looks like it!

is a local suppurative inflammation on the skin and subcutaneous tissue (fats underneath the skin). It can be solitary or multiple, when multiple it is call Furunculosis.

Damn ugly la the skin because the inflammation can spread widely on the skin. If got ‘nanah’@ pus becareful! Go see a dermatologist quick!
Most frequently found at moist hairy areas, eg: face, armpits, groin, legs and submammary folds (under the breast). Happens to those who shave and wax those body parts, usually Women gets it more!
etiology: skin bacteria call Staphylococcus aureus that penetrates the sebaceous gland or hair follicle.

clinically: itchy, painful, red skin that turns white then necrotic over the top of abcess!

furunclePicture from Natural Boil Treatment furuncle histo pic Histology pic from PathConsult

is a deeper suppuration than furuncle that spreads laterally beneath the deep subcutaneous fascia. It burrows superficially to errupt in multiple adjacent skin sinuses.

is WAY UGLIER than furuncle!!
Usually found at behind of the  neck and upper back!
It starts of f as furuncles first.

pic from onedoctor.blogspot

Doc said it look like cheese on pizza…  +.+”   yeah i feel like puking too!

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