A slice of cake

Posted on May 30, 2009


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A slice of cake= a slice of culture= a slice of awkwardness = a slice of warmth= a slice of thought

when was the last time you received a warming gesture or act from a random stranger?

Not often i go out solitarily for a meal at my favourite homely resturant for a meal. I had cravings for oriental food and the nearest coziest spot was a lane down from my place. Small, neat restaurant kept by an old couple. I get that warmy feeling when i go there. I readily brought notes and a pen to use my time wisely since aunty takes a long time to cook. She’s the only cook around and a perfectionist as well when it comes to preparing the condiments for her meal. Hence the slowness.

That place i frequent usually do not have many customers at night, so it was kind of a surprise for me to see a family there waiting at the table that was served with dishes they ordered. They were celebrating their daughter’s 14 year old birthday! aww… i felt like an intruder!!

Halfway through my meal, i realise Miss Fourteen was distributing cakes to Tauekeh Soh and to the couple who came a little earlier on. I hurriedly shove down my meal, didn’t want to be offered. Sloth like me was one step too slow. Miss Fourteen pass me the piece of cake :” Jie, makan kek nya dulu”, and her Mommay insist i had some, Taukeh Soh told me to eat too.

Most of the time situations like this leaves me awkward, i had no idea what to do next but politely eat the cake. I gave my humble thanks and wish Miss Fourteen a happy birthday. I wish had said more! If i spoke in my mother tongue and wish her, i would have probably drawn more attention and needed to give unecessarily explanation to them about myself.

A mere thanks and a happy birthday wish made me felt how inadequate those words sounded, how imposible it was to express my gratitude towards them. I’m not accustome to such custom and culture they hold.

“To: Miss Fourteen

Happy Birthday!! You’re at one of the most important transition years of adolescent. May you be well guided by wisdom, may you be blessed with lots of good friends, and most importantly may you have abundance of happiness in life. Have a blessed one!

Well wisher,
Jie the-stranger-that-sat-behind-your-dinner-table.

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