I hate to say this but….

Posted on May 30, 2009


i’m in a such off beat mood that maybe in a hypomaniac stage.

3 weeks more but i’m feeling the strain! Bloody hell

mooma and dooda are pestering to come back  =.+  yes yes… will do so after thesis finish i think… i’m kinda fed up here too!

i hate tomorrow- i want to sloth in til the afternoon.

i need a dose of amphetamine! QUICK!!

put aside that…. I must tell loud and clear how much i detest those Facebook causes groups!! I find it totally worthless! By joining, i know people are telling loud and clear what they stand for. But Common bozos, where’s the action?! By joining and doing something about it is proactive! Sitting there and clicking that lazy ass finger and saying “i support” is such a PoppyCock!!!

Don’t get me started on this farking emails that says, by forwarding this email and sending to so-so target i will receive donation from some organization for this trauma blah blah… okie i get it, i feel the pain u got in trauma, but how in anyway i know there is money going to give to you? How do they track it?!!! It’s not i’m cold hearted, it’s just that i don’t have a heart to give to this kind of nonsense.

For the things i cannot see it myself or lay my hands on… forget it! It’s probably a scham and you’re wasting my time. It may seem unkind and uncompassionate… just show me what you got and i lay the goods out!

Depressed agitation indeed.

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