MAS or AirAsia?

Posted on May 31, 2009


i’m numbingly starring at my lappie screen…

MAS flight promo 29th May till 1st June Promo

1. 9th of July and the 23rd of August, both cost USD 56.
including tax the total: USD 202.60

Currency Converter 1 USD = 3.48499 MYR, according to Conversion

owh..aww… aww… pricey! RM 706.06

one way flight for 23rd August is RM

2. 12th of September and the 26th of September, both cost USD 27
including tax the total: USD 144.60

one way flight on the 26th September is RM200

As for Air Asia
1. 9th of July cost RP 255k and the 23th of August RP 1,015k  those prices including tax

Currency Converter 1MYR= 2927.56 IDR, according to Conversion

Way cheaper about RM 300 difference.

2. 11th of September RP 225k  and the 26th of September RP 881k those including tax
total: 1,106,000 IDR

Conclusion 1. fly back to Msia with AirAsia and return with MAS
2. same as the first

I realize there is one odd thing about the flight tickets prices in MAS, it’s more expensive to buy 2 ways a go than one way two go(s) and AirAsia maintains the same pricing may it be 2 ways booking or a single booking.


An hour before minight the 11 september flight was 225k now it is 239k!!

double WTF….  ?!!?