Why we blog or read blogs?

Posted on June 7, 2009


I mentioned before in one of this dusty post on why some people like us blogs or read blogs. Doodah didn’t understand why his youngsters are doing that. Previously i said that it’s just a site to put down pent up emotions into words, it is a healthy way to cope with stress, and learn to be creative in writing. I don’t deny being a Nosy-Jane in other words “KePoh” since i’m a blog reader, i do learn stuff on reading blogs be it about other people’s daily life, experiences, thoughts, emotions, gain perspective, and relate my own pass situation to the ones i’m reading.

Blogs alike books are windows to the outside world 🙂 Photoblogging makes things more interesting because what is describe is in pictures, there’s no need to use imagination.

Anyway, i realize i’ve gone rusty on adjectives and thorough details. To save me from brain-vocab-infarct i’ll introduce the few reads i enjoy on the blogsphere. Some may not like the reads i’m reccomending because they mind are just not open for it, well there’s the X icon at the right corner of your page k.

Some good reads 🙂

Yours Truly- The Malaysian Famous Blogger
Kenny Sia amusing as a mule who is up and about everywhere. It started with his funny posts that leaded the Malaysian bloggers to write amusingly.

English has never sound so good before
The scandalous Bedtime Stories – not suitable for children. It is a  lil’ dramatic and different from your ordinary-daily-life blog.

His Life Stories told remarkably for beginners in Life.  Kenny Mah‘s writng never fail to inspire me to sit my ass down and put my heads up in the clouds to dream of writing as ariticulate as him.
Student Abroad
What is it like being a Gai Jin in livin-la-vida-loca in Japan? Kok Hong says… stuff about his expatriate student life there and the Japanese lifestyle-culture.

Sarcasm, Politics and Life
A 20 yr old, Wise-crack who is a cynic that is very much opinionated on Malaysia’s current affair- Andrew Ho Weblog

Drawing Sticks tells stories
Bitter Stickgirl draws herself as a stickgirl :p and her life. She has stop posting but yet a drawings are such a muse to read. She’s working towards publishing a stickgirl book.

Shameless, disgusting Silliness
Just one of a kind  Not So Little Girl in a Reverie. She never fail to amaze me 🙂 with SDS! KUDOS to her!!

Tattoo Artist speaks and draw
Damn Dirty Angel who does not talk excessively of his art tattoo, he draws comic on his amusing events in life. He shows his soft romantic side when he expresses himself in video to his GF… AWw…. if you’re a savvy internet male species go learn from him!

Fashion for Men
Get your dose of  Men Fashion, Style, Grooming and Image at Kinowear

Last but not least, if anyone in dire for ideas to go crazy, out and about, then you got to read this! I’m utterly stunned and marveling at such guts these boys have! Hamlet’s Hero wanted to be stand out in life and he did what he could to catch the attention of the Nuffnangs!! By the way, my facination for Gerard Butler’s character Leonidas, totally went down the drain!