Posted on June 9, 2009


CHI MA KAN!!! So much to read and memorize! I think I’ll go nuts after this exam *momentarily pause- I say that every time at pre-exam period*

I’ve no idea suddenly my bloody internet connection is failing on me; I’m the only person who is facing this compared to the other 6 people. Doom is me since I’m one alternative lack in deviation of my attention from medical jargons during my long intervals. Hmm… I think is a sign from *points above* that I should concentrate more on squinty printed notes (due to my stinginess) than prance around in the cyworld trying to find the latest gossip of David Carradine’s death cause. Ok point taken from Almighty but I’ll be damn if I’m paying for no connection! I’ll refuse to pay if this doesn’t resolve soon… 3 days of abstinence is horrendous enough, it’ll be murderous soon and I’ll end up like the late David Carradine.

Before this I was weighing more options to go back twice or once… hmm. I want both can? Hehehe… If I return twice I promise not to skip classes but if I got back once only I want to skip 2 weeks of classes, okay if you reckon is too much how about 5 days extra off? Haiyar I promise to do better after that can? Come on, please? I’ll promise to property-sit and dog-guard the precinct well when both of you are off to Oz. Can’t believe I’m not invited to go to OZ.

I believe the option of returning twice is to the couples favor than the playing truant for 5 days. Eh wait… that means no random Bali tour, no day time boozing-book-reading at the beach 😦 damn! No Madura wedding to attend :(( hmm hmm… aiyor, how now brown cow?

I’ll stay back for whole 7 weeks 🙂 Finish off waiting for the many funerals of my lab rats, get the results, bully some noobies that are coming, attend the Madura wedding (since it is FOC) and go for another random Bali trip. Come back for Raya hols! Okay if I don’t play truant please spoil me with lots of souvenirs form Oz land and equip me with enough dough when I’m property-sitting.

Oohh… interesting! I’m drooling with anticipation. Now to slough my butt off on medical jargon.

i’m going to dig prepare myself a nice cocoon and not come out even if i rot… til exam time beckons. As IF.