A Hearty Breakfast

Posted on June 19, 2009



:: I’m LOVING it ::

McD is the ‘new’ Hearty Breakfast in Indonesia for exam stress hungry students. We stayed up till 4am or so, had to pay the internet bill and have a side trip to Happy Land for the most awesome breakfast of the week! Word.


To think Youmouma and I was going to have a nice quiet breakfast by ourselves came a group of hyperactive, noise polluter Kinddie kids!! I swear i’ve never seen the play pen at McD having a massive Jamm!

A Beautiful morning at 8 something in the morning, they were celebrating a 5 yr old boy’s birthday!!


It’s weird to see birthday parties held so early in the morning!! Back in Msia, the kids birthday are either lunch time or dinner time.

Balloons make lil kids go beserk :p

And there was a line of traffic stopper. It’s normal here for school kids to perform their music band by taking the whole stretch of road by themselves with a few policemen assisting them.

Vehicles in queue to pass.

one night dinner
Last night i had dinner with a bunch of crazy people 🙂  We had a vegetarian meal prepared by these people below!!

the crazy ones

PaiSEh! They prepared everything, and i didn’t help. Plus i was 20 minutes late. Perangai buruk betul!

I suppose we can call this fusion of culture- ever had Indian cuisine by dining Chinese style? hahaha.

❤ Thanks guys i had fun and it was great! xoxo