What about Birthdays?

Posted on June 25, 2009


When i was younger, birthdays was one of my favourite day of the year. That’s when the simplest stuff excites me such like i get to choose my own cake- Fair Lady from Angel Cake House at ss12, and get to choose where to go for dinner! Back then i love western food! So anything that on the menu that has Lamb Chop goes well with me 😀 Anyway, cutting the cake is the highlight for me, i get all wide-eye like a doe that is caught in a headlight only i have small eyes caught by the dancing candles.

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So years pass…
Somewhere along the road of Growing-Up, birthday excitement cease and eventually frozen like back in the ice age. The Family became not hype into celebrating birthdays. It’s like playing an old cassette and you know what songs come after the other. Waking up and receiving well wishes and words of imparting wisdom from the parents plus the red big packet is as good as it gets!

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To set the record straight, the family does not have a big affinity in celebrating born days.

Right now, i don’t still don’t have all this hype of: “Oohhh My Birthday is coming!! Let’s me throw a big party! No wait, let’s do so cool that it will be worth remembering! Oh Oh, those pressies that i will get!! I hope they get me that really, really gorgeous thing that i saw at the mall.”  And you know those sort of conversation goes on.
Waking up on birthdays, will make me groan… “Humbug… just another day but with a chop on it”.

Something died off somewhere. The little wonders of birthdays is just not here anymore. It’s not like i’m missing it, but it would be nice to experience it again or once in awhile for that matter.

Just this afternoon, i think i found that little wonder of birthday celebration 🙂

Birthdays are not meant to remember how awesome you are
Birthdays are not about presents
Birthdays are not about  you


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Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with the birthday person
Birthdays are the day where we show thanks in gestures on how fortunate we have that birthday person in our life
Birthdays will have no meaning, until you celebrate the birthdays of others

what are birthdays to you?

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a new understanding of that little wonder.

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