Posted on July 8, 2009


Never ever, ever ,ever go to a cinema i take the front row sits no matter how desperate u are to watch a blockbuster movie! Especially when you have been breaking ur neck and back for 2 weeks due to exam!!!

I’m so suffering from a terrible, terrible, terrible neck ache and an insufferable headache for two days and let’s top them with nausea feeling for the whole evening! Put me out of my misery by chopping me neck off thank you.

Three of my batch mates got admitted into the hospital for dengue and it is scary cos being sick, weak and helpless is. Their thrombocyte have been dropping and dropping, worryfying since most of them got a flight to catch on thurs but not well enough to get discharge yet.

Went to the market got Cockles and painstakingly cook em! So hard to peel the cockles meat from it’s shell. Arrgh…. ruin nails we had! Apparently Cockles can increase the thrombocyte count, hence Yam and i went and buy and the rest helped to pry those tight shut shells open.

Then i attended Jansee Baby’s after Angkat Sumpah:) she is so pretty!!! All Don-up like a pretty bride actually! Stunning!! Pics later!

I may need to visit her massues tmr… i’m so feeling not good 😦 HUmBUG!!! I hate the feeling.