3rd Farewell

Posted on July 25, 2009


So i see lots of cobs web here and tiny menacing spiders that are nesting at my blog. It’s been a long time since i post something woth mentioning in words rather than keeping it to myself. Well it will be lie if i saw it hasn’t been a busy 6th semester, and I would be such a big liar if i were to say i got nothing to blog about. My interest has just took another turn and blogging doesn’t seem to be the thing anymore.

Resizing pics ain’t my fav chore to do 😄

Seasons comes and seasons goes…

Another year pass and another batch of seniors are leaving. A mixed feeling of happiness and reluctance awashed me though it is not as intense as the last one. I got use to the momentum of left and leave.


It’s always easier to leave than to be left behind

I’ve not seen it that way until just now.
I remember it was easier for me to leave home and pursue these arduous path (in the lands of volcanoes and earthquake not to forget tsunami spot) because i know when i return everything will be where  it was before- Family, friends, places and home. Little have i ever given a thought that how much of my absence can change norms of 6 people back home. Don’t be mistaken that i contribute a lot to home- i do not cook or do anything significant in the household other than do some occasional house chores and be me basically. I suppose it is the void that was left.


Joking Kak Vi: ” good riddance you guys are leaving!”

Medic life in 3rd year has never been busier than before. I used to have time hanging with the seniors of the same house. I do miss the lil chit-chats of their perspective, insights and their lil medic life story in the hospital.

Jansee Baby the few of the many seniors that i bonded left one two weeks ago. They have served their 5 1/2 years  of medical knowledge in UniBraw with much sacrifice.

the make up artist- Fairuz

Doctors finally- Oath Swearing day 🙂


The flowers of Congratulations from Batch 2006 🙂

It feels older to be me now…