Posted on July 25, 2009


If Facebook is already not enough of a social publicity incline narsissistic Social Network showoff, there is still Twitter and Plurk to make yourself even more self absorbed and boast your own life or on the other hand turn you into a more “kepoh”= busybody person who has nothing to do but to delve into other people’s life happenings.

Which are you?

Facebook have been such fun on keeping up with the latest news of ur friends that it can be to addictive! LOL! It’s the place where you can get pass year question that is put up on some link to download. Very convenient for people like me 😛

Wedding invitations are even put up on Facebook! Bye bye to conventional card invitations. It’s good for the environment! hahaha

I”m comtemplating to start plurking or twitting, just to find out the fun of it :p heheheh

I’m so bloated with liquid: Tea, Soup


Kimchi jjigae

in other words kimchi stew, didn’t work out to well, as usual i’m too generous with the ingredients it turned watery 😦 There will be a 2nd attempt and this time i save some for Bokkeumbop  (fried rice).