The Stalker like personality

Posted on July 29, 2009


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I know you but you don’t know me
I want to be your friend
I have been watching you from afar
I try to acquire as much information on you
Friendster, Facebook, Myspace are my much trust resources
I guess we do have common friends

I’m very sociable
First thing i did when i had your number was to play miss calls
Just to get your attention
My thoughts got more obsessive when i didn’t receive a feedback
At wee hours of the night my miss calls started
I’ll not give up.

Perhaps I should just send you text
” Hello object, i’m xxxx i want to be your friend”
Oh, yes i got a reply!
Round one goes to me!!
This should be getting easier now
Since you know my existence.

Stalker Pictures, Images and Photos

Stalkers are freaky people who most definitely are cowardly people that takes them a long time to muster their courage to confront their prey. While trying to muster their courage they will try to establish friendship with their prey to make things easier. They are smart because resourceful in finding out who you are, your name, which university you go to, and obtaining your cellphone number. They are persistent to a fault turn into obsession- they won’t take no for an answer until you say something unpleasant that jolts their senses back into reality.

Take precaution when someone knows you by your name and cellphone but does not introduce themselves first. Better still block them off from your call list, never entertain this kind of people. At first you may think it is somewhat flattering that someone wants to get to know you and took so much of initiative to find out who you are. However think twice, the manner of approach and speech of a person can determine whether that person is a friendly stalker, a psycho one or a freaky one.

It is saner and safer if your stalker does introduce him/herself first when approaching you. Be smart go find out how that stalker got to know you and where they got your number, because there’s definitely a mutual friend you both share and know of.

However, if you are a Histrionic person that love it that your social website is being populated with people who

stalker Pictures, Images and Photos

go ahead and flatter your self.

stalker Pictures, Images and Photos

You my as well set up an application form:

A stalker is someone who knows you by your name and has your phone number, gives you midnight miss calls despite doing that too during the day time and sends you numerous text everyday.