Hot and Cold

Posted on August 3, 2009


“You’re Hot then You’re Cold,
You’re Yes then You’re No
You’re In then You’re Out
You’re Up then You’re Down”

When there is a fever there is an infection.

Last year around this time of year Malang was warmer then usual…. One would have though it was global warming that is acting up. This year this time around, Malang has been unbearbly cold! Brrr…. water is too IcY cold to be bath in. My limbs are forever chill and i long to be under the sun. I need to move to somewhere warmer later… Brrr…

Respiratory infection + cold dessert = fever, forget to add the chances of acquring extra viral or bacterias at the ICU of RSSA, since the immune system was already a little down.

Curling up like a ball, wrap up in thick comforter and sleep through til the new semester starts will be the best 🙂