Give me Cupcakes

Posted on August 28, 2009


Two weeks of jiggying in Bali, one of week of classes, an experience of complication of H2 antagonist medication, a visit from the Ripper.

That pretty sums up my absents from blogging. Sure, i’ve lost the zest for blogging but at times i do have the urge to type words out but i do not have my trustee lappie with me during my times in Bali.I got a healthy tan! Played in the sun… but after hearing the lecture on UV rays and skin aging in Dermatology class i kinda got scared! No more playing under the sun for me!

It was a lovely holiday indeed that i feel guilty for having another holiday in 2 weeks time, will be home bound soon 😀
Classes are unexceptionally tiring that usual… maybe because my classes everyday starts at 7am and it is also the fasting month. Feel extremely drain after classes!

Death came rapping down the door of my classmate… she lost her dad sure to heart blockage. I’m sorry for her lost. It’s going to be darn hard for her to cope, she was never the type to like being left alone. I wonder how will i ever cope… i won’t try to imagine much for now.

I don’t know how in the world i got so many clothes fitted into that one wardrobe cupboard! There’s lots of clothes i’ve not use.

Thesis is giving me another run of headache that i’m in a reluctant mood to do anything! I wish to get rid of it ASAP!

It is ever more obvious than before that the clique i have is slowly drifting from a group to seperate individual due to work. We are turning more independent, each minding our business, in the process of getting use of being separated during intern years later. My subconscious of responsbility is being awaken… there’s always a reminder that rings telling me i’m not equip and how much incompetency i have.