the call

Posted on September 6, 2009


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Nothing beats getting a call or calling a dear friend!! πŸ™‚ So good to hear from MissCarey! Long time no hear from her! As usual the loud conversations and lots of gossip from one country to the next country! Feels like the old time! hahaha

Had dinner with the boys and so much nonsense la was thrown at the table… nice to see TamBun for chipping more in the conversation towards the end πŸ˜› hahahaha. Finally… i will get to try Mee Siput soon!
from Inspirasiku

kakakaka… 6 more days then i’ll be hombound! Can’t wait to turn the house upside down with my presence! New househelper to bully and to see her astonish face when an extra member of the family that she has not seen is back… i just love seeing astonish expression πŸ˜€

Usually i make a list of what i should do when i go back for hols… this time is going to be more simpler:
1) a few days vacation with Jea
2) numerous visits with 261 and occasional hang out with HeeheeHaha
3) hell of thrashing Datin and introspecting Datuk
4) bonding with aunts
5) play time in the kitchen
6) making bro a lil more miserable than usual ;P
7) Hit the roads
8) shopping

Basically it is people time so lots of bonding to do!

I’ve forgotten to prepare a few stuff before coming back! I hope i still have time left… Obladi Oblada!!

Need to go collect my kick ass vacation photos in Bali… Sun,Sand,Sea,Surf and beach boys ;p