Rat hole

Posted on September 8, 2009


OooMmpa LoOmPa DooKpedeYDook… i got another news for you…

OooMmpa LoOmPa DippedeeDee… there was an earthquake in Java!

Well this time it was in Jogja and some places in Malang felt the tremor!! This is the 2nd one for this month, first one happened last week in Jakarta that the hit Bandung, Surabaya and Bali as well. So, looks like it the tremor is moving from the West of Java- Central Java… I’ve got a feeling it will be heading for East Java soon. Oh dear…

I hope there are not many casualties in Jogja, apparently it was a 6.8 Ritcher scale! Sigh…

Senior doctors does have their flair in bombarding their students in every single way, especially towards students from the neighbouring country! That was just appetizers, i wonder what is for main course? And i’m throwing a white towel to even find out what’s for dessert!
Now i know my previous whines on my encounter with this senior doctor at internal med lab that raised his voice and said : “I Don’t CARE!”, was actually introductory of what worst fate could be install in the not so far future.

Thesis is giving an eyesore! Such a pain in the shins… going half way down the track, pointless calling quits. As if i can. Would never happen.

Need to get to printing notes and more importantly halfway down thesis!!

It took me so long to figure out that fathur would make a great guy to bring to Look-out-point! A place i’ve been meaning to go since last year but i could not figure out where it was and i didn’t attempt since it was a slopy road. One for the view, two for the camera, three for night outing with the family. If the idea sells!