Raya Break

Posted on October 1, 2009


Home is where the heart is.

Everything and everyone is at its place now that’s comforting, to revert to the role of being a potato couch that doesn’t need to lift a finger at all and yet be an heiress of small time in the household. To sleep at late hours of the night and wake up in the late mornings, finding good food laid on the dining table just prepared by granny filled with wholesome flavours of love and warmth, not forgetting the amount of sinful calories laid within it!

How not to be fat la?!!! But i’m happy i wasn’t the only one getting chubbier and healthier, the Twin joined in as well and gain 2kg in one week!! Hahahhaa!! Of course i’m happy to have someone else getting fatter with me! It’s an activity that must be done together-gether, well i reckon the poor chap needs it since he is having his SPM trials.

Balik Kampung this round is utmost wholesomely homely! I kinda like it… i hope it is not because of the absence of nagging from the Oldies which i did not see much of because they were overseas for 1 week plus. I didn’t go up north or down south like i planned to. Kinda figured it won’t happened but at least it’s ok since i manage to shop 😀 Met up with friends that i miss for a long time, things were resume from where we left off, as if someone pressed paused on the remote and waited for 7 months to play it. That’s one of the many beauty of long lasting friendships! ❤

SLK racing in to the dark night is fun! Bawling with laughter when meeting up Datin and 261, it does seem 17 all over again. Racing time to fill in all this years of info and trying to stay up maximumly till dawn is no easy feat if not for Nescafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng! OH my!! It’s gotta be so delicious that leaves me wanting for seconds! I love the aroma of it! The Nescafe Fatima has a similar taste as it only less aromatic, most importantly the kick is there!

3D movies are awesome!! It’ll be uber awesome if they added motion master when watching it as well. Thrilling!! Final Destination 4 is a good choice to watch in 3D than G-Force. For a LAugh good movie- The Ugly Truth is highly recommended! It contains the element in girl and guys perspective in a relationship, i would alike the movie to He’s Not That Into You, but definitely give more stars to The Ugly Truth for it’s parody on realism of how a guy view his dates! Entertaining indeed! Many people are comparing the movie with The Proposal! I’ve yet to watch.

Seeing a handful of your friends entering or entered the working world is scary. It’s a reminder of time and brickwall welcome saying:” Welcome to the Working World of Adults”. It’s something i don’t think i can stomach it just yet if it were for me. I do envy them at times, yet the old bean did say that it is not something he would encourage us to do- to enter the working field at a very young age. He prefer us to study as much as possible before embarking in the journey of workdom. I know why he said that, because he is the sort of person who enjoys his education no matter where he is.

Before i end this hanging post because i’m too tired to blog anymore, i want to state there will be 180 degrees changes on the future blog entries. I find myself not having the leisure to blog any more lengthy posts of my diurnal or nocturnal events that uses up most of my brain to filter what i should say or not. It’s going to be more random and short, hopefully with more informative inputs and creative jibes i can conjure up on spur.

Nights! Academic life in the hospital classroom is bloody hectic! I wish there was a free flow of caffeine machine to cater to us, so that we get all palpitated and charge up in classes!