u think too much

Posted on October 11, 2009


unlike every other normal parents child who will jump with joy and leap in air when their parents and family decides to come visit them… i cringe with invisible frown lines forming on my forehead.

My parents have visited me before, they have…

i think what worries me if whether they will have a good time here, i’ve got to have plans for them…
but mostly i hope the short trip that they want to make here will be worth it for them… if not i’ll be suffering two types of pain!

To deny them to come down here is not right… because besides coming down to see me, they want to see the place i’ve blend in for these years. Further more, i’m not coming back to celebrate CNY  (p/s: i will be back still to do my VISA), which gives them every more reason to want to come down. Dad’s got a friend who he may want to look up for when he is here, since i didn’t have time to search out this person.
I should stop thinking of minute details of how the hols should be like.

I’ve chosen the dates.

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