Posted on October 19, 2009


Fox-Trot is fun! One of the nicest ballroom dance to watch at all times!
I am trotting too, exam + healthy trotting

It would be nice for once, before exams i’m not down with a common cold and sore throat. I feel like yanking the uvula and tonsils out to put it aside, after that bore a hole inside the facial sinus to drain the rhinitis out. Meds are not helping, which is strange.

I highly blame the bloody weather today for being so windy! Making the whole of Malang so dusty that triggered the cytokines to overwork 😦

And so, Jansee finally Officially graduated from Uni! As usualy she bid a teary farewell despite the macho upfront she tried. Getting oldddd….. or senior… that’s not cool! More responsibilities for self, take note. How did time pass so fast?

It will be so nice to have a beach a drive away, and a hoodless car to drive and have BBQ. Sat there was a mini BBQ event, held in ylaine’s place. It was good!! It’s nice to chip in some help here and there and watch the traumatise rabbit seeing some bird meat getting grilled over the BBQ pit. Poor thing. Kudos to the chefs!

Had an uncomfortable day in class. I had to put on face mask to prevent spreading common flu to anyway. But i guess i did manage to spread the virus, because throughout 2nd half the class it i hear sniffles and sneezes. What got me more psychogenic, my friends that was sitting beside me was having a block nose, and it’s very uncomfortable for her to breath through her mouth and that got in to my head to cause more congestion in my nasal. Bummer….
It’s so much less inexpressive to talk by looking at someone’s eyes only and with the rest of the face covered, that does not help when u realise a few curious ones were trying to get a glimpse of what is covered. Felt self-conscious.

I lost my taste buds and have totally no hunger pangs.
Took Procold a local fever,flu,headache product and had a short nap. It did it’s work! I’m better, rested well if t wasn’t for some mozzies to attack the ends of my legs and woke me up.

When one is sick, there’s this feeling of wanting your parents to coddle you. Fuss over you taking meds and having meals, occasionally drop by the room and check on you. Pfft… I don’t have them around to do that for me. Oh well, it is ridiculous that a 4th year medical student still wants to be coddle by their parents because it is way about time that one can nurse themselves back to health. Despite that, i want to be coddle back to health… NIAaaa…

now studies beckons… did anyone knew how hard it is to study Throat, Ears and Nose? So is Ophthalmology. Any Tutor is welcome!

Toodles… trotting from rest back to notes. NERDING!