Posted on October 25, 2009


Finally! The only thing i like about Ears, Nose and Throat is learning about the NOSE!!
Rhinitis is something i have everyday. I really really really appreciate those days when i don’t get them, and i  really really really feel the contentment of happiness when i am enjoying deep inhalation without any blockage. That particular moment is somehow therapeutic!

I love Derms! Short for Dermatology. Looking at those pictures makes me cringe in disgust! Yet i still like the subject, because it is one of those see, touch, smell sensory that i can use without having to imagine smaller stuff and it’s mechanism in animation!

I’m in a phase where social obligation is nil. I don’t feel like answering to any social calls that is regarding to dress up. I want to dress down or rather just how i want without being overly perk up with accessories or make up. And so, i don’t expect to see myself attending any big social gatherings next month. I’m game for a Beer at the lounge, Coffee for closures, and meal. Not forgetting a few get aways.

My camera battery totally failed on me! So i’ve no time to browse for those rechargeable double A battery.

The health is getting back on track! 😀 mweeheehehehe….
p/s: campus life i miss, is one of those better times, where you are able to meet everyone! Lecturers there are nicer too!
Hospital lecturers are either mean, quirky, or both!!!