Posted on October 30, 2009


When in grief, grieve with the grieving. -VC

Already grieving is so hard, it’s easier to do it together.

The burial was at 10am this morning, later today after Mahgrib there will be a talil for her at the campus surau, Yasin prayers will be said and sholat ghaib will be done.

All seem normal the night before, she text-ed one of her closest friends about settling her visa. The next morning she was hospitalize, she was suppose to get her dialysis but her body couldn’t take it later that day.

Almost dying changes nothing.
Dying changes everything.
– House MD

Arriving at the exam hall today everything seem the usual. After that, the hall turned sombre and solemn, her housemates fell apart, one after the other wept silent tears.
In situations like this handing a kleenex, exchanging condolences and saying prayers are the only all that can be done, but it feels like more needs to be done… but is there anything else?

When words are not enough you give hugs, when hugs are not enough, you give?

The mourning shall pass…

(… for she is in a better place)


p/s: this is good read on passing on on ‘How to cope with death’, ::

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Raaji’oon