Language Barrier

Posted on November 1, 2009


Trick or treat

::… candies i don’t devour… ::

BOO! are you spook?

Being abroad, an expatriate, there’s always “The Language Barrier”.
Ponder about it, it’s not just the language barrier that we have trouble understanding others but also in expressing ourselves, there are also other barriers that cause much disputes among ourselves, many opinions that leads to many disagreement. Such as which religion is better, races argue which is more superior, status in life… oh the mundane life!

“What is Language Barrier?”

In my experience, there is no such thing as language barrier when it comes to 2 fundamental hedonistic occasion:


…. well that is because those does not require talking šŸ™‚


Finer things in life is when we pamper ourselves. At a restaurant, at the dining table there isn’t anybody there to argue about something, as we are all there to enjoy the food.
Imagine 3 groups of various clan sittingĀ  at different tables in Mamak Bistro, no one will just get up and start finding trouble, they are just there to enjoy food.

Concerts, clubs, music performances like French Music Festival that is held anually at Bangsar, the people that goes there are of diversity. Yet, all is put aside when it comes to enjoying music, the language of notes and melody.

LOVE is not the UNIVERSAL Language

no, you don’t think so do you?
Take for instance, the sentiments between Indonesia-Malaysia or Malaysia- Indonesia.
do you think those who are provoked will love the provoker? Neh, they don’t! The same strong dislikes will arise again if another issue ‘pop’ out. However if one of the country were facing damnation from mother nature, they will help out as much as they can, that my friend is because of COMPASSION.

HenceĀ  …it is not love that is the universal language, butĀ  COMPASSION -the fundamental in humanity.


Merry-Go-Rounds are fun as long you’re not swinging by the neck!

Booyah… got to go Zonk Out, dawn is breaking.

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