saturday was killed

Posted on November 15, 2009


Really… and it left me stoned in the head.

This will be the last time that i will see myself sitting throughout the event of this sort. Dining and watching is not that torturous than cooping a 70++ people in a hall and watching one ‘theatrical show after another”.

The intervals of the shows were messy, it’s distracting, mood killing and it was a lecture hall. It didn’t have proper stage with curtains drop or even podium. I was conned into believing that it was yet one of the grandest of it’s previous. All donned up were most of those who came.

Diwali 09

Food and the Service itself was bad! Supposedly, every 2 tables were assigned with 2 waiters/waitresses but things didn’t go well as plan when you have a bunch of F&B trainees hire, and 70++ hungry mouths to feed. One bad thing of dining in social gatherings like this, there will be always a bunch of hungry gluttons that will jump into helping themselves with the servings than waiting to be serve. It’s hard for the F&B trainees to cope with small spaces to pass through seats and get to the next table to serve without being devour by the other hungry wolves.
I can’t say for the cook who tried cooking up a storm of Indian Dishes. Capatti tasted more or less like Poori, only with every bite there’s flour i still can taste.
Sadly… this F&B crew needs lots of polishing to do, especially when it comes to serving and interacting with the diners.
A restaurant or eatery reviews are not given base on the food only, but also the impression of the F&B crew given to the diners.

Looking at how they were serving, i’m sure the committee organizers specified that food should be first foremost served to their VIP guests, namely: those who came all the way from Surabaya, the locals friend and the High post people. In event like that, i would specified those orders too but with more stern expectations.

Despite, it’s call “Deepavali Night” and the audiences were of International people, they strangely forgotten to entertain them. Certain parts of the shows were lost in translation.

Needless to explain more… it was most disappointing! A better job could have been done.
For a being who enjoys entertainment, this is not even half the harsher commentary i could give. I was merely pointing out the basic facts.
A person with lower expectations or attended this kind of the even for the first time, would not have much critic to offer.

Credits to the committee of Diwali 09 who tried their up-most best…