December love

Posted on November 21, 2009


I get mails no more šŸ˜¦
guess everyone is busy, so am i. Sometimes i wonder where time went to.
Will be anticipating December! Come come!

3 weeks of Public Health field work! It’s good that, i’m putting good use of what i’m learning, but then again my so many weekends have been wasted! I wish i had more time!! I wish a lot of other stuff too, like being a better communicator so that i can analyse other better.

I’m still considering whether to move out, i’ll miss miss miss them šŸ˜¦

I’m not sure which siblings in my family really gung-ho into maths! Definitely not me!! I don’t know why… i just freak out seeing big sums of number! I’m good at keeping money but not starring at figures! Not all Chinks love maths… well i’m one of them, i rather someone give me History or Geography to read! Delightfully i’ll do it, and i’ll narrate the topics like a fairy-tale for you to enjoy!

bahh~ maths~ ! I had to do some accounting work, which made me turn jittery! I hated accounts ever since it was introduce in ‘Living Skills’= Kemahiran Hidup. I go bleh~
THank God for Yam and Machinery money counting Kav šŸ˜€

So i’m done with the accounts, i’ve been revising the whole thing over and over. There’s certain matters that i do that i tend to brood over it, this should be count as one of those. Tomorrow, i should need to present those figures, and tomorrow will me the mark that i should be stepping down from a post in the Malaysian Society. Tomorrow, is the day for Annual Grand Meeting and Annual Grand Dinner. Which both i do not even want to attend. For now, i want to be in my own bubble for a few days. It’s Regression of age vs persoanl