where have all the self-ambitious men go?

Posted on November 22, 2009


There’s an upcoming election in the Malaysian Society tomorrow. It’s  been 2 weeks since the names of the nominees came out. There are four candidates for the President and another four for Vice-President.

Sad to say, there are no potential person for the President post, except for 2 people
The first, who is the current President right now, is adamant to step down because he wants to focus on studies. Being adamant is one thing, but being whiny and sounding very pathetic is two very different matter! The other candidate, he is potential but he lacks the courage to take up the responsibility or worse he is worrying too much about filling in the shoes of the current Pres.  It is just so annoying to have this two full grown boys to banter on FB like that. Perhaps, that is the faulty part… both are not full grown men!

There are ways to step down graciously or turning the offer down as well. By doing like what they did makes me want to leave that particular space blank. I do not want to vote for losers!

However, for the Vice-President position all for candidates are very potential ones! I’m thinking Damn… these 4 vice president names  should be voted for both positions. The person with the most vote should be Pres and the 2nd highest should take the place as Vice!

That will solve the problem now, wouldn’t it?

Seriously, the Malaysian Men of PKPMI Malang or i rather say boys in Malang are just plain girls when they do not man up, they’re just swishing behind their mother’s skirts.