Splashing under the rain

Posted on November 26, 2009


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I’m sore at my both arms, due to lack of triceps usage.

I bet my hands will be too heavy to be lifted up tomorrow.
Best buoyancy work out with soothing acoustic music playing in the swimming pool. I lack the same capacity than the last in holding my breath underwater.

My friends and i thinks that we should make Wednesday a Water Baby’s Day 😀  Sounds good!!

So AGM and AGD is done. I’m glad! I’ll be slowly disappearing from the scene.
Holding a post helped me a lot.
I learn patience, dealing with difficult people, think objectively not subjectively, putting others first at times.
Will i want to do it again? Maybe, but i got other pressing matters to attend now.

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Reading for signs

Do you ever do that?

I for one, will not do so. Putting bits of rational reasoning to make a decision, yes, i’ve done that. But to read for signs from the sky or a situation i’ve not, until recently.

Next year, very soon next year i’ll be spending most of my time in the teaching hospital. I was offered a quaint house to rent and i really like it. The pricing of the house is cheap since the whole house is refurnish, all i have to do is check my self with my luggage in. There was only one prob… i can’t bring the whole crew with me.
Finally after weeks of consideration, for the first time, i appreciated the final decision made by my parents when i told them about the place. It was a NO if i were to move in alone.
A few days ago, i got to know that, that place is easily flooded when monsoon comes.

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Loud and clear was the answer to me now.

Being Realistic

Jea: CYF has been relentlessly mentioning on the big R word.
Deprive: …. uhhh… Do i have to get a loan now?

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I’ve forgotten i bought a cute lilac dress 🙂
but i’m afraid i got not enough mass to fill in )”