Posted on November 29, 2009


CITO have two meanings that i know of :
1) in writing medical receipt if you state CITO on top of the paper it means = URGENTLY
2) CITO stands for CITY OF TOMORROW in Surabaya

Yeah what a name for a mall in Surabaya! That i find it ridiculous.
Like every other mall, it is huge and comprise of 3 shopping floors with rooftop and basement carpark.

The only thing that i will say this mall stands apart from other is



it’s not about the big mall with very few people, but look closely… look at the Banner.

There’s a ruling according to the City State of Surabaya, Rule 5, stating that Malls like CITO are Smoke Free Zone!!
A hefty fine ofย  RP 50 Million or/and 3 month of jail will be sentence.

One of Indonesia’s main economy generator is their export in Tobacco and Cigarettes.
Trying to be health conscious to the many, they did prepare something for their smoking customers-


a box room for Smoking ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a small room! As small as the Diaper room provided for mothers to nurse their babies or change their diapers.

Those men puffing in there didn’t look to happy being coop up in a room like that just to fag! They look more frustrated than relieve from smoking.


Nursery Room ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank god for that! because i do find mothers publicly breast feeding their babies or toddlers a tad disturbing! Although it is a norm in this country.

In malls you’ll get those mediocre and big brands store in it… but there was this small brand but mediocre company have their own shop open in this mall. It was definitely funny to see that brand of crackers there looking all so glamorous in that tiny shop.


presenting: the higher class version of a sundry shop in a mall :p

I spotted Tako-balls selling there too! Boy, I was excited… and in the end disappointed!


it was awful an unauthentic, assuming those tako-balls i had in Malaysia are the real ones!
The sauce here caters to the taste-buds of the people here and there was no Unagi! Their octopus was not in read marination, it was pure white! One word- Horrible!
Don’t ever attempt this if you really know what Tako-balls is!!


There was a temporary tattoo spot, where this friend of mine wanted to get something on her sexy back.

His art is really good


which is his d-r-a-w-i-n-g ONLY!!

The skin work of art itself wasn’t even somewhat good. I think CrazyS would have done a better job!
Anyway that girl who got herself inked, she got another one free in the end. Compensation for a bad job done and upsetting a customer.

Verdict:: CITO is just another fancy mall for people to loaf.

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