New Moon

Posted on November 29, 2009


The first suck- Twilight, and so does the second movie.

I don’t know what teenage raging hormones go all crazzee about when they see Pasty-White Edward Cullen. Man, he badly needs to get some one degree of burn on him.
If the character get to use his original Brit accent, i’ll probably be all over him, yet again he is pallor…

Robert Pattinson Auto Pic Pictures, Images and Photos

Other than expressionless acting with monotonous voice, the fans must have only imagine themselves take place as Bella in those scenes with Edward. They must have fallen for his rugged looks robert pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos

Bella aggravates me too, she is as bad as Edward was. Lifeless acting… bahh…
If it weren’t for not reading the book i will not be watching this teen flick fiction at all.

The only highlight of the movie that is worth watching are the Werewolves!
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Jacob Black who acted as Bella’s best friend, he and his pack of wolves got to be the yummiest thing ever on screen!
Damn, Taylor Lautner is only 17 years old with a bod like that!!

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This Pup is going to some Big Bad Wolf in years to come.