Hate for the wrong reason

Posted on December 1, 2009


Class today was laughter!
That was until the Lec utter something stupider than the rest of the non-lectures.
He hates Kuala Lumpure, just because the Malaysian Chinese there speak Mandarin or dialects! He is very proud that the Indonesian Chinese can speak such fluent Javanese language than the origins themselves.

I can find a handful of fist fight facts to dignify the Malaysian Chinese of KL
1) Yap Ah Loy and his fellow Kapitan were hired by Raja Abdullah himself to run the mining in KL, naturally you find lots of Chinese in KL who resided there generation after the other.

2) Bless Malaysia for being a Democratic country for the immigrants from China and India get to retain their own mother tongue even though Tanah Melayu’s other half the population are Malays and Bumiputeras

3)  Indonesia who was ruled by Suharto was one big Dictator who oppose of the Indonesian Chinese to retain their own language! Only the national language or the dialects of Indonesia were allowed to be use in daily conversations. Books in Mandarin were burnt! A strict rule of not allowing the Chinese to use their mother tongue in their own homes was amplify!

4) Not all Malaysian Chinese are fluent in English nor Bahasa Melayu. An applause for them for being able to master Manglish. Which he himself said that there are some locals can’t speak superb Javanese. ( in-your-Face)

5) You don’t go play tourist and say ” I hate this place because the Indonesian Dutch in Holland does not speak Indonesian”!

6) For god sake, you’re in a multicultural country you get all sorts of exposure of languages. Act like a tourist!
Now you know how hard is it for foreigners that come to Indonesia and most locals don’t speak basic English properly.

7) Kuala Lumpur is a big metropolitan, with sections that have more Malays, Indian or Chinese than the other. My guess you walk into Chinatown- Petaling Street “Chee Cheong Kai” or… what the heck you’re doing on Chow Kit road?!!!
There’s Masjid Jamek and Little India! Go there and you’ll experience the same thing.

Banana Chinese or Chinese educated ones are proud to be the citizens of Malaysia.

Man you just dissed the one and only Malaysian Chinese!