staying Thrifty

Posted on December 3, 2009


Tonight Rainism in Jakarta!! I’m not there 😦 Damn… why does the capital city of Indonesia have to be so friggin far??!! Why must it be at the other end of the Java Island?!!

I’ll shall have to see you another time Namja Chingu, Bi… *sigh*

I’ve been browsing from stores to boutiques on window shopping!!
In the mood to shop! But when i look at the prices in Rupiahs… i cringed! The sum is huge for mere Balloon Shorts that i wanted Rp167k, it’s better to get a full length pants for that or a pretty top from a branded clothing line. There was this top i saw it was not worth the price… but darn matching with those Balloon Shorts…. *sigh*

I’m left with my imagination and what ifs…. to picture me wearing those.

Blog shopping started and now there’s this craze of facebook page shopping! Man, temptation…
but the pricing of these Facebook shopping prices are crazy comparing to the pricing i see on those Blog Shop. Will not give in to the Sales Devil no matter what!

Two more months more i probably be back for another short hols!
Will take up any shopping spree offer i can get 😀
I love long hols and hate it all the same. There’s the whole chunk of time of being idle most of the time, however this time i wish i have longer hols. Come June, August, September, October!!
Semester 7 is adding really soon.. it gives me the jitters and the creepers and the jeepers! I feel ill prepared for the possibilities to come.