Private No.

Posted on December 5, 2009


For those who thinks it is totally, utterly, most cool to have your hand phone number id undisplayed on others hand phone screen, it’s gawdly irritating! You’re So WRONG!!

Caller ID should have never been created in the first place if the, if these people wanted to their numbers undisplayed! REDUNDANT!!! ABSURD!!! RIDICULOUS!

I have a problem now distinguishing overseas’ calls that i get and calls from obnoxious ass holes who uses the private no feature as a “pick-up” tactic to fish random girls.
If only Indonesia have this free-toll-call for these guys to pick up girls. These ads should be pasted on those public phones with contact numbers, name and picture too! For a population 270 million in this archipelago, such low-life will be spoil for choices!

Your money could have been in better use, brains for prawns desperado! Aggravating me only! These bunch of existing bigots!! Oohh Nincompoops!!

I’ll gladly mangle your neck, to twist it around like how i twist the wet clothing before i hang out for dry!

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