wheels churning

Posted on December 17, 2009


I wish it was the mechanical part of the brain churning on studies, sadly it is not. It is going about everywhere, leaving me no peace of mind.

I get no sleep at hours like this… most people in their waking moment they will catch up with studies… the brain is too scatter to be able to do so… this faulty brain of mine. *SIGHS*

It has been two weeks now, i’m having trouble sleeping. I daresay i’m deeply bothered by a lot of things of the previous and recent, but i just can’t put my finger what is the core of the problem.

Sleepless nights are very irritating. It leaves you tired and strip you out from intrinsic motivation to study.

The four walls of my accommodation are just to small for my thoughts to wander about. Though i want these thoughts to be in a smaller captive space so that it will be easier to put it on focus.

Eyebags are forming for no good reasons… damning!!