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Posted on December 19, 2009


After hearing the song “Sexy Bitch”, my mom said, “I don’t appreciate them playing songs about me on the radio, without my permission.” It’s safe to say that my mom is the coolest person I know. MLIA.

I posted on Facebook yesterday… i garnered quite a few response from friends and family which i am really please because they have a sense of humour 😉 Though i’ve a feeling my parents won’t share much of the dose of laughter if they were not properly walk through the lyrics of the song.

Because there was once i use the word “Camwhore” in a parent-child conversation… boy, i didn’t expect to get a “Listen here young missy, you’re not allow to use such degradation word in my household…” OPPS! Sometimes it is hard to relate things to your parents since they can be 2000 and late and their offspring are just too 3008 ;p
It’s a teenager pop culture lingo, keep up or you will be deem ancient soon…

I will give credit to Dad for actually tries to keep up with some of the radio hitz. He once asked me to burn him songs from Pink! Amuse and awry i was… that was unexpected of him after he rejected my Big Band Jazz cd. I hope he thinks i’m not all that angst as Pink is. I just have my time- periode.

And Yes… My mom does look like

Anna Wintour Pictures, Images and Photos

ANNA WINTOUR the editor of VOGUE!! 😀

Anna Wintour Pictures, Images and Photos

their trademark style of fashion: pageboybob haircut and frequently-wear sunglasses ((:

That’s mom!!