Advertisement- WANTED: Daughter-In-Law

Posted on December 20, 2009


Daughter-In-Law Advertising


I thought this can of public advertisement i only will see in Malang one of the smaller areas… turns out there is such publicity back home too!

This sort of vandalism should be remove!

Many years ago, public advertisement or talk about arrange marriages are very much sane and norm, and if there’s a couple who married out-of-arrangement that’s just preposterous!

Now, arrange marriages are rare especially in the bigger cities, all are out on their own to scout for their other half.
Mother’s choice is not on the shelves anymore, only approval is needed and *WHAM* the wedding bells are on.

In this era for arrange marriages in the bigger part of town, not being able to find a potential wife or a husband ( this does not include those who does not want marriage) is strange and a tad worrisome… it is saying some part of society are incapable…

but on the brighter side: divorce rate now, this era are higher than the yester-years.
1) first for a fact there were no such thing as a divorce- it was until “death-do-us-apart”
2) hypothetically: a person will lead a long marriage life marrying a stranger than marrying a person they know inside out. Everyday there is just something new to learn about each other that it keeps it interesting and going.

What do you think?

(p/s: the hypothesis is not mine, go argue with the person who owns Lee tutorial)